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Happy Thanksgiving

Share   Sad Pilgrim wishes you a happy Thanksgiving.   This will be my fourth Thanksgiving not eating turkey. *sigh* It doesn’t get any easier… I hope you’re enjoying your family and friends today, and eating a satisfying meal. We here at Casa de Merrill are all fat and happy and breaking in the new-to-us … Continue reading »

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Random cuteness

ShareSeren still lives with her parents, and crashes on the couch.     Brecken had a Thanksgiving feast at school yesterday. He dressed as a pilgrim, and sang songs about turkeys. It was about as cute as you could imagine.     When we came home from the feast, Jesse gave Seren a bottle! (I … Continue reading »

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So much to be thankful for…

ShareI learned something new about myself this past week; I am a woman that cries shamelessly at kindergarten Thanksgiving pageants, and I am ok with that. Nothing turns on the water works like little kids dressed in re-purposed grocery bags, singing songs about turkeys.   I also love children’s art –  which is good, because … Continue reading »

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Mmmm, tastes like rape and confinement!

ShareI will try to limit my soap box rantings during the coming weeks leading in to the holiday season. You already know where I stand on these things. I will limit today’s post to a 5 minute video. Do I miss eating meat? Hell yes I do! Meat is delicious. But if I were to … Continue reading »

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