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So much to be thankful for

ShareWe had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Apple Josh cooked another amazing bird (or so they say. I’ve never actually tasted Apple Josh’s birds, but everyone raves about them, so they must be delicious. My Gardein Holiday Roast was gross, and tasted like sausage.) and there were plenty of beautiful, tasty dishes to accompany said bird. Karis … Continue reading »

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Happy Thanksgiving

Share   Sad Pilgrim wishes you a happy Thanksgiving.   This will be my fourth Thanksgiving not eating turkey. *sigh* It doesn’t get any easier… I hope you’re enjoying your family and friends today, and eating a satisfying meal. We here at Casa de Merrill are all fat and happy and breaking in the new-to-us … Continue reading »

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Random cuteness

ShareSeren still lives with her parents, and crashes on the couch.     Brecken had a Thanksgiving feast at school yesterday. He dressed as a pilgrim, and sang songs about turkeys. It was about as cute as you could imagine.     When we came home from the feast, Jesse gave Seren a bottle! (I … Continue reading »

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So much to be thankful for…

ShareI learned something new about myself this past week; I am a woman that cries shamelessly at kindergarten Thanksgiving pageants, and I am ok with that. Nothing turns on the water works like little kids dressed in re-purposed grocery bags, singing songs about turkeys.   I also love children’s art –  which is good, because … Continue reading »

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Mmmm, tastes like rape and confinement!

ShareI will try to limit my soap box rantings during the coming weeks leading in to the holiday season. You already know where I stand on these things. I will limit today’s post to a 5 minute video. Do I miss eating meat? Hell yes I do! Meat is delicious. But if I were to … Continue reading »

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Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

ShareWho doesn’t like toilet paper roll art? No one, THAT’S who. Here’s what you’ll need: Toilet paper rolls Feathers Glue Googlie eyes Pen Scissors A small bit of construction paper Draw this shape on your toilet paper roll. Be sure to draw up to the edge of the roll. Cut around the shape, half way … Continue reading »

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