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Child pornography (It’s not what you think)

ShareBrecken begged me to let him “fry his brain” yesterday, which is his way of asking if he can watch t.v. or Youtube. I told him he could watch a little while I folded laundry. I half listened to his choice in the background thinking to myself that people will put anything on the internet … Continue reading »

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Disney pics

ShareI never posted any pics of our Disney adventure so I thought I’d rectify that right now. We took hundreds of pictures, most of which are of the kids standing in line. There were several instances when a Cars character made Brecken cry – but not because they were scary. I guess they failed to … Continue reading »

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♫ Spider-Man, Spider-Man, parties hard like a spider can… ♪

Share Back when I was a perfect parent (before I had kids of my own) I used to think, “I hate all this branded crap! I wont buy my kids Disney/Nick Jr/Whatever is big right now stuff. Instead they’ll enjoy wholesome, handmade fare like wooden toys and one-of-a-kind art.” Yeah. I was stupid. Ok, maybe … Continue reading »

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Things that make you go VROOOM

ShareWe are tossing around the idea of getting a new car. We currently have an old 2000 Nissan Xterra, and a 2010 Nissan Altima. My dream car is eco-friendly and runs on unicorn farts and happy thoughts. Jesse’s dream car is a luxury vehicle that goes fast. When we got the Altima, it was decided … Continue reading »

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Creepy Juanita. Oh, and we got a new car.

ShareWhile visiting in Ithaca last week, Donna let me raid her basement  for treasures. Donna collects stuff at garage sales and thrift stores. She has a 1950’s fetish, which means you can always find awesome retro tid-bits in her basement. While rummaging through the catacombs, I found a turquoise feathered hat which I HAD to … Continue reading »

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