Throw the book at him

I’m having my blog posts made into books. Each year is being bound into a nice, hundred-and-something page, hardcover journal. They’re pricey, so I wait until the blog-to-book place has a sale before I order one, and I try to order them one or two at a time to spread out the sticker shock, but this week they’re running a 30% off coupon – which is pretty good – so I want to order at least three books. Jesse thinks I’m crazy. He sees no value in them. Maybe he’s right. Maybe they will sit on the shelf, collecting dust, never to be opened.

But maybe he’s wrong.

I hope he’s wrong. I hope my kids find joy in these pages one day. For a while this blog served as a daily journal of their childhood. I have a vision of them flipping through the blog books, smiling at the pictures and remembering the stories. There’s a magic to physical books that can’t be matched by the digital world. Sure, my blog has videos and .gifs and fun whistles and bells that don’t translate perfectly to the page, but the important parts come across in my words.

I’ve been writing this blog for around nine years. That’s a lot of content to leave out in the ether. It has a better chance of being stumbled upon if it’s tucked away on my bookshelf than it does on a forgotten website, no? Anyway, I’m doing it. I’m using the damn coupon and ordering the blog books. If you happen to be reading this from said blog book, and Jesse is still around, go tell him I said, “I told you so.”

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  1. Sarah

    That’s an amazing idea! Your kids will treasure it.


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