When you’re a SAHM but you used to be a biology nerd

What’s that? You need to make a 3D model of both a plant cell and an animal cell, and label the organelles? Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this assignment for ages. I thought I had a few more years, but let’s do this! I was thinking we could use gelatin as the cytoplasm, and embed the various organelles at different levels to- What? It can’t be edible? Because of ants? Oh, okay, I understand. But they’re totally missing out on my mad fondant skillz. What? It’s due TOMORROW? Okay, okay, I got this. I have a fucking craft room for Christ sake. You think you can break me? I’ve been training for this since before you were born. Gimme that paper.

*Scans assignment*

HA! Are you kidding me? What are they teaching you? The only organelles they want are the nucleus, mitochondria, and vacuole? What about endoplasmic reticulum? Ribosomes? Centrioles? Hell, I’d take a Golgi body over a vacuole

An hour later:


 photo organelles_zpsgav1q8dm.jpg


(Full disclosure: I pretty much did the animal cell (that would be the round one for all you neophytes) because it required the hot glue gun and epic dexterity *tips hat*, but the labels and foam and magnets and index cards etc etc were all her. I have already entered a 12 step program to help prepare myself to NOT get involved in any future science projects. I’m not gonna do it, you guys. I WON’T!)

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