Photography, my old friend

This weekend was windy and rainy, so Jesse and I decided to take the kids to a new ice cream place we heard about from a flyer in the mail. When we got there we found it hadn’t opened yet. Note to self: read the fine print.

We ended up getting them boba slushies. Gross.

I liked the lighting in the cafe, so as Karis sipped her drink and Seren sat on the dirty floor I snapped a few pics.


 photo karis boba_zpsboguhaoy.jpg

 photo seren wall_zpshbehlbdl.jpg

 photo brecken ice cream prima_zpsn3ovy9h2.jpg


Having a camera in my hands again inspired me to shoot some more, so we all went out into the cold, blustery street and goofed around. Jesse likes the light (and so do I) in a drainage ditch near our house, so we shot a few there too. I tease him about taking the kids to play in the sewer.

My kids look way older and more sophisticated than they actually are. This scares me.


 photo prima karis headshot_zpsz1p3evkv.jpg

 photo karis 2_zps0oytx2zg.jpg

 photo prima brecken 2_zpskh7utrsm.jpg

 photo prima brecken 1_zpskhnvm6ew.jpg

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  1. Tara

    I find this whole ageing thing completely unacceptable. Beautiful pics. Great kids. Cool mom. Miss you guys!


    Kristy Reply:

    There must be something we can do to slow them down. I’m going to write to my congressman about it. We’ll start the anti-growth act for children that are growing up too fast. Miss you too! Our youngest babies would have been good buddies.


  2. Donna Merrill

    The kids are little models! I love the one of Karis with her hair blowing in the wind. Of course Seren always cracks me up and Brecken is a doll



    Kristy Reply:

    I do have very photogenic little monkeys, don’t I.


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