Crochet Gingerbread House

 photo gingerbread house 1_zpsqbznfkb6.jpg

I finally finished the crochet gingerbread house for the kids! I found this pattern last year on Pinterest. (Someone had scanned pages from Crochet Today Magazine)

The original was a little more elaborate. It was designed around a cardboard base and you were supposed to hot glue it all together. How boring! I wanted a gingerbread house you could play with. I changed the pattern to incorporate a door that could be opened and closed, and I attached all the walls to plastic needlepoint canvass, sewing them along all the seams. Now it’s a little gingerbread house that little gingerbread people can live inside, instead of just a dust collecting decoration.

Seren is very taken with it. I plan to crochet her a gingerbread family before next Christmas. I think this will be a fun toy to tuck away and only bring out at Christmas time. That said, now that I know how to make crochet doll houses, I think I’ll make her a village! Or at least a cottage…


 photo gingerbread house 2_zpsqc7suuww.jpg

 photo gingerbread house 3_zpssmss1qgt.jpg

 photo gingerbread house 4_zpszp4vribm.jpg

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