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So I’m watching the news in my warm, comfortable house when a story comes on about a local mom that organized a huge relief effort to provide baby carriers to the refugees flooding into Europe. I have been agonizing over the refugee situation for months, and fantasizing about adopting ALL THE  ORPHAN CHILDREN, but there was no feasible way that I could do anything to actually help the refugees – or so I thought.

I immediately went to the website and got the information needed to donate my baby carriers. I’m donating a sling and a Baby Bjorn, and when Seren outgrows it, I’ll be sure to donate the Ergo too.

I know a lot of my readers are mamas and dads. If you have baby gear collecting dust in the garage, please consider donating it to a mother in search of asylum. It’s a very small gesture, but to the mother whose burden is lightened just that little bit, it will be a great comfort.

If you don’t have a baby carrier, you can also make monetary donations, or donate new carriers.


Added bonus: Your baby carrier gets a trip to Greece! Enjoy the Baklava, baby carriers, you lucky bastards!

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