I cracked the code!

Oh my gosh you guys, I taught myself how to code! (Kind of.)

I have been wanting to fix my Strawberry Wine eBook for ages now due to the fact that I never bothered to get it copy-edited and it contained errors that would make my fourth grade teacher shake her head in disappointment at me. (I’m sure it still contains plenty of errors, but they say the average person reads at an eighth grade level, so I’m considering it on fleek.)

When I originally published Strawberry Wine I paid a guy to format it for me so that it had pretty chapter headings and proper italics. To make an eBook look polished like that requires a little bit of code. Like many people, I was intimidated by the thought of all those confusing marks and characters. I thought I had better leave the coding to the professionals.

Then I remembered that I’m basically a genius. (Spelling and grammar aside.)

Okay, maybe I’m not a genius, but I figured if I could teach myself how to build a website (A.K.A. this blog you are reading right now) then I could probably figure out how to write a bit of code for an eBook. What followed was hours spent going down internet wormholes while gleaning bits of information from bloggers who seemed to know what they were talking about.

Eventually I stumbled upon Guido Henkel. He had written a blog on how to format an eBook. The blog became so popular that eventually he wrote a book. Anyone can do that. The reason I’m shouting him out is because I bought his book and proceeded to attempt to code my own book. Eventually I screwed up enough things to require assistance so I emailed him. He wrote me back, you guys. Immediately. He answered several of my newbie questions and even caught some mistakes in my code that I wouldn’t have caught until I attempted to process it and came back with a broken eBook. He saved me hours of frustration!

Guido is yet another example of the nice, patient people I have met in the “tech” community. So many seem willing to give of their time and expertise to help us newcomers figure things out. It’s a pay-it-forward type of camaraderie I am used to finding in the improv community. Anyway, as a thank you to Guido for teaching a woman how to fish, I wanted to pimp his services. He offers formatting services as well as cover design. You can check out his stuff at

He is also an author of fiction, so I’ll link to his new book, “Hunted,” as well, which is currently available for only 99 cents as an introductory price.

I don’t want to forget my newfound skills, so I went ahead and formatted Sudden Legacy too. Tonight I’ll probably format The Stormclyffe Affair to really cement in my lesson. Look at me – eBook formatter extraordinaire.

It’s nice to have Sudden Legacy all ready to go so I can make it available as soon as Kindle Scout tosses me out on my ass. Every time they deny a great looking book I sigh a dramatic sigh. Why you no like good books, Kindle Scout? Why you no like dem? Opperating on the assumption that the old adage holds true – every vote counts – I will once again link to my Kindle Scout campaign and beg you to go nominate my book if you haven’t already done so. It only takes one click!


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  1. Guido Henkel

    Thank you so much for the shout-out, Kristy! I am glad I’ve been able to help.


    Kristy Reply:

    My pleasure, Guido. Thanks again for all your help!


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