Jonesing for a Fixel

When I was in Seattle I did a little photo shoot of Chloe for her first birthday because I never got the chance to shoot her as a newborn.

Also, just after coming back from Seattle, I got my hands on a couple algorithms from the friendly folks at Fixel. I originally bought a version of their Contrastica for CS6. I have CS5. I cried real tears you guys. Then Fixel offered to make me my very own CS5 version!! This must be what celebrities feel like! After much back and forth and tweaking and hand holding because one of us (me) is a little confused about things having to do with The Computers, I have three new Fixel plug-ins! (I got Contrastica, Detailizer, and Edgehancer)

Every time I get a new toy I can’t help but go a little crazy with it, so be prepared for my next several photos to feature a mildly overdone look. I’ll tone things down eventually, but for now I’m like a thirteen year old girl playing with make-up for the first time. CONTRAST ALL THE THINGS!



 photo prima brex_zpsxwxuegdl.jpg

 photo prima brecken walk_zpscb6igdaw.jpg

 photo prima chloe 4_zpsnolekuru.jpg

 photo prima chloe 2_zpsyzxzd7tt.jpg

 photo prima chloe 1_zpsijvpy3vi.jpg

 photo prima chloe 3_zpshrz6bzc0.jpg

 photo prima cousins 1_zps6gm7ywof.jpg

 photo prima watercan_zps0andds8v.jpg

 photo prima seren pout_zpskylid5jx.jpg

 photo prima seren_zpsddrhy3my.jpg


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