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When Karis was a baby we bought this skunk onesie at a farmers’ market in Ithaca NY. When Brecken was a baby he also wore the onesie. I stumbled upon admittedly unflattering pictures of them wearing it, and couldn’t resist dressing Seren in it as well. When viewed side by side it’s fun to see how much they look alike. I put them in age order for this pic, and not birth order. That’s Brecken at 1 month, Karis at 2 months, and Seren at almost 3 months.

Genetics are so fun! The phenotypes of my babies never cease to dazzle me. Karis and Brecken have their father’s nose, Brecken and Seren have his lips and hair. The almond shape of my daughters’ eyes mirror my own, as well as the arch of Karis’s brows and the cowlicks at her hairline. Karis has my feet, Seren has her father’s feet – complete with little pinkie toe that curves under the other toes. All three of them are such a delicious mix of our families.

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  1. Wupppy

    wow! it’s amazing how much they look alike, Iphoto and google “faces” feature must get so confused 🙂

    and good thing they all turned out gorgeous …..


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