Bisquick to make assumptions


As the sun began its languid climb over the horizon this morning I was in the middle of an exciting, earth shattering dream. My subconscious mind had stumbled upon the origin of the name Bisquick!

In my dream, a chef asked me and a group of other cheflings (I’ve just coined that term. It sounds way more fun than sous-chef.) if we knew what a bisque was. I smiled proudly and answered that it was a creamy sauce. The chef was quite pleased with my answer and gave me high praise. (Incidentally, I was wrong. Bisque is actually an onion soup. Ok, technically I was right, it is a creamy sauce, but in my brain it tasted nothing like onions. I had no idea onions were involved in any way, so I’m gonna go ahead and say I was wrong.)

Suddenly my brain remembered Bisquick. You need only add water to Bisquick, and you get a creamy sauce! (See? No thought of onions here.) Immediately I drew the genius conclusion that Bisquick was a very clever name meaning “bisque quick”. I felt it my responsibility to tell the masses at once, so they too could enjoy the clever name, and also so they could appreciate the ease with which one can now make bisque.

Then I woke up and Googled Bisquick.

Spoiler alert: The actual meaning behind the name Bisquick is a huge let down, and also painfully obvious for anyone who has ever actually used Bisquick. *sigh* The “Bis” in Bisquick stands for biscuits. Still clever? Absolutely. But not nearly as exciting as a creamy French sauce people eat with lobsters! (Full disclosure: I have never actually eaten lobster bisque, but you probably already knew that, because if I had, I would have known about the whole onion thing.)

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