Getting Korny with Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad is back Internet, and I couldn’t be more excited for Sunday nights!


While trolling the webosphere I found this little gem: (Breaking Baddies will love it – and future Breaking Baddies needn’t worry about spoilers)


Long time readers know that once upon a time I schlepped my way through the streets of Hollywood, auditioning for teen dramas and paying the rent by doing music videos. (Yes, very glamorous. And by “glamorous” IĀ  mean soul crushingly annoying work.)

I have a handful of music videos in my blink-and-you’ll-miss-me repertoire. One such video stars none other than Aaron Paul in his pre-Breaking Bad days! I can’t remember how many days the shoot lasted. I was only there for 2 or 3 of them. The sets were in an old high school and if memory serves, the Gower Studios. One thing that sticks out in my mind about that shoot was how nice and laid back the crew was. There wasn’t an uptight dude in the bunch.

I was a quiet, mousy little thing, always bringing a book with me to these things lest I be forced to socialize with my fellow extras. My unassuming demeanor and completely non-threatening persona made me pretty much invisible, and the directors didn’t seem to mind my sitting in on the scenes I wasn’t in. (There were two directors, but I could never tell them apart. I think they were brothers.) That is how I found myself sitting next to a dripping wet, bathing suit clad, Aaron Paul on the wooden poolside bleachers. He had ghastly looking make-up on that made him look beat up.

We made uncomfortable small talk with each other. He seemed to feel obligated to answer my dumb-ass questions about his make-up.

The next day, during the climactic vomit scene (Korn videos are always very classy, no?) I was placed right next to Aaron. He was supposed to come through a set of doors, throw his hat, and proceed to puke all over the crowd. The fake vomit was a nasty mixture of creamed corn (creamed Korn?) and other soupy grossness that had been sitting out in the sun all day in a kiddie wading pool.






As they were setting up the shot I once again found myself chatting with Aaron and the girl that played his escort date. She was naked, and had a red demon painted all over her body, its yellow eyes painted over her nipples. She had a nice rack. Anyway, I jokingly begged Aaron not to splatter me with the puke hose, and he promised me he wouldn’t. (This is the part that made me fall in love with him) As the puking commenced, he was very careful not to point the puke hose anywhere near me.

By the end of the scene there was creamed corn puke all over every surface. It was slippery and damn near impossible to walk around – especially in heels. All the extras came straggling out of the room covered in a foul smelling mess. All of them except me. Because Aaron Paul was a man of his word.

And now, without further ado, I give you the Korn video Thoughtless. Or as I like to call it, Creamed Korn.



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  1. Amy Cappelli

    I love Breaking Bad so much that it hurts šŸ™‚

    You are so adorable (and stunning) it’s hard to believe that you would have been invisible to anyone. I hate puke of any kind- it’s a phobia really. But after watching that video, I think I might let Aaron Paul fake puke in my vicinity.


  2. Dr. Cynicism

    You’re straight up famous!! Awesome!! Don’t forget the little people though…


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