Graduations aplenty

Today was the last day of kindergarten for Karis. I’m not gonna lie, I got emotional over the whole thing. They sent home a year-in-review type of scrap book filled with art and pictures. Luckily they thought to laminate it so my tears didn’t smear the paint. I am once again that cliché mother that is weepy at the milestones denoting the rapid growth of her offspring. Sue me.

Karis isn’t the only graduate in our family this summer. I graduated too! I have officially completed the Conservatory program at The Second City, and I have the t-shirt to prove it. It was a fun and challenging program. I am excited to get back to improvising. Sketch is great, and I will continue to write sketch comedy, but my true love is improv. There’s just something so magical about it when it’s done right.

Speaking of sketch writing, guess who scored four ginormous whiteboards from freecycle yesterday? ME!

They are 4’X5′ and Jesse asked in exasperation where on earth I planned to put them, and what I planned to do with them. I don’t have the best track record when it comes to hanging things up in a timely manner. Even when I *do* manage to hang say a picture frame, there’s only a fifty percent chance that the picture inside isn’t the one it came with. BUT here we are, less than twenty four hours later and those suckers are all hung up! Our bedroom, my craft room, and the garage are all sporting new whiteboards. As to what I plan to do with them? Write amazing sketches and story lines of course.

Does this mean our closet doors wont be covered in color-coordinated 3X5 index cards with scenes and chapter notes scrawled upon them?


I can’t help it! My brain needs to see it all laid out in front of me. Dammit, I need more walls!

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  1. MyRobbie

    Sure, sure, brainstorming plot/character ideas. Yea. That would be the normal purpose a writer would use those boards for. That…or a murder board, a la Girl with a Dragon Tattoo or The Closer tv show. Or a drug hierarchy diagram. Ooooh! You could make notes about all your neighbors – with photos of their houses and of them above each column. That could be fun. Huh. I think I’m going for a walk in the neighborhood with my camera. You know, just a walk. Congrats to you and Karis too! Yay!


  2. Sarah P

    Yay!! Good for you! More, more, more!


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