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We went to New Jersey over spring break. We were willing to overlook the fact that it’s New Jersey in light of Huns and Andrew happening to live there. Huns and Andrew just procreated, so now my squishy, lovey nephew lives there too. Add that to the fact that my bestest internet Twinsie lives there too, and you’ve just about made up for the state wide shame that is the cast of the Jersey Shore.

I’ll get to the nephew and the Twinsie in other posts. Today’s post is all about how I went to New Jersey with this little boy:


and came home from New Jersey with THIS little boy:


Uh…mah….gah. Even without suffering from a mild form of face blindness you would be hard pressed to realize it’s the same child. He aged years in a matter of minutes. His eyes doubled in size. His “I’m hot shit” attitude was birthed as he stared at his new look in that salon mirror.

“I’m cool, right Mom? I’m a cool boy!”

Brecken’s newest obsession is being “cool”. *sigh*

I swear his personality has changed. He looked eerily like his father before the haircut, but now he could easily steal Jesse’s ID and get into a bar with it.

I will now post several pictures of the big event. Any pictures of him crying are *not* because he wasn’t fascinated and thrilled by the cutting process, he was pissed about having little pieces of hair in his mouth – but refused to keep said mouth shut.








PhotobucketThis is Brecken’s “Kick Buttowski” face. (That’s a thoroughly inappropriate cartoon Brecken has recently discovered.)

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  1. MyRobbie

    Good gravy, what a transformation! I like both Brecken versions, to be honest! It’s too hard to choose. Don’t make me choose, K! Don’t do it! Also, this Jersey Shore person you speak of seems awesome. Especially awesome if she makes up for the shame of the GTL crew. I didn’t even know that was possible! I aim to write about you too, btw, right after the cap’n and maybe salmon-colored house and our recent trip to Philly (I almost started crying in Independence Hall, for reals). Oh, but I started painting my kitchen (completely – like, top to bottom, cabinets included), so totally can’t right now. 😉 I’d rather endure the physical pain involved with painting (my arms are weak, yo) than go up to strangers or confront my feelings about the capn. So I just need to re-order things: you and then Philly and then maybe the hard stuff later. OK then! Brecken’s completely cool. Tell him I said so!


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