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Karis is very much a girly-girl fashionista. She has a jewelry box overflowing with bobbles and sparkly things. The one thing it doesn’t have? Earrings.

I wont let Karis get her ears pierced until she’s old enough to take care of her ear holes and earrings. The fact that her ears aren’t pierced does not make her yearn for earrings any less. She has had the occasional clip-ons, but they only last a few days before one of them gets eaten by the dog, or lost.

The other day she decided her outfit called for earrings – so she made herself a pair!

Please note the fact that they are color coordinated to her dress. She got orange construction paper, cut out earrings, drew purple jewels on them, and then asked Daddy for two pieces of tape.


She has since moved on to using real jewels for her earrings. (I got her a sheet of bindi stickers.) My favorite style is when she both colors jewels and sticks bindi jewels on them. I must remember to steal a pair to put in her memory box. I’m sure she’ll get a kick out of them when she’s older.

I can’t wait to teach her how to sew! I pray she continues to celebrate her unique talents, and doesn’t let the other kids at school dampen her creativity.

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  1. Amy Cappelli

    I love creative kids! She saw a gap in her life and she filled it. It’s wonderful! And she does have a great sense of style.

    I’ve been reading all of your posts; and I’ve been wanting to comment on each one.But I haven’t gotten a chance because Violet is holding me hostage. “My Mommy! Stay here nexame!” I just wanted to thank you for providing entertaining reading. I truly appreciate it.


    Kristy Reply:

    Thanks Amy – I love your posts too. Your artwork always inspires me. My daughter in particular loves your illustrated dog. You write quite poetically, and more than once I have caught myself tearing up at your words. (sometimes sentimentally, sometimes with laughter)

    Thank you for your kind comments. They really made my day!


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