So much to be thankful for…

I learned something new about myself this past week;

I am a woman that cries shamelessly at kindergarten Thanksgiving pageants, and I am ok with that. Nothing turns on the water works like little kids dressed in re-purposed grocery bags, singing songs about turkeys.





I also love children’s art –  which is good, because there is plenty of it in my house. I am particularly fond of artwork featuring their little hands, or detailed original drawings. Those of you with a discerning eye will have noticed that despite living in one of the best school districts in our state/country, my son attends a pre-school where the staff fail to spell Thanksgiving correctly. They’re 0 for 2, spelling it Thankgiving, and Thancksgiving. Delicious.

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  1. Claudia

    Adorable! I love kid’s art (kids’ art?) too. In fact, it’s the only art that adorns my walls! Well…in truth, that’s mostly because it’s free. But still! Karis is so adorable! Oh and also, we have a preschool teacher spelling problem here too. I don’t understand it, but it makes me feel even more crotchety than usual. Heh. I said crotch. Laters!


  2. Dad

    And you were the one who pitched the biggest fuss when I sent you to school in a “repurposed” trash bag/raincoat. Now repurposing is sooooooo cool to you. There is hope for you yet. Maybe someday you’ll vote for a Republican.



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