Two degrees away from having sex with Rob Lowe (or at least being allegedly groped and seeing his junk.)

alleged penis

When I was a nanny in LA, I was romanced by an agency that had Rob Lowe as a client. Rob and his wife were looking for a nanny at the same time I was looking for a job. Sadly, they lived in Santa Barbara, and that was too much of a commute for my liking, so I declined to interview with them.

My girlfriend was willing to interview with them, but unfortunately for her (and, as it turns out, them) they hired another nanny. This other nanny would later go on to attempt to extort 1.5 million bucks from them, and allege that Rob sexually harassed her, groped her, and showed her his penis multiple times. (None of her allegations were ever proven, but am I alone in considering being sexually harassed by Rob Lowe to be a job perk as opposed to a problem?)

If I were his nanny, I would probably be the one doing the harassing. I’m just sayin’.

rob lowe

*cough* But that was all a very long time ago. Back when I was a young twenty-something, prone to school girl crushes. I have since become a happily married woman, and graduated from harboring crushes, to having The List.

Everyone in a relationship knows what I’m talking about. The List is your top three celebrity heart throbs that you are allowed to sleep with, no questions asked, if the opportunity ever presents itself.

Jesse and I were rambling about our lists last night as we drifted off to sleep. He put Ashley Greene on his list. (I quite agree with that addition. I might even put her on MY list.)

I had originally brought up The List because earlier in the day I had overheard a young couple talking arguing about it. The girl was apparently upset by her boyfriend’s List. His List consisted of “Any Victoria’s Secret model. Ever.” She argued that that was too vague, and then she got all bent out of shape because he “wanted to sleep with a bunch of models.”

It was all I could do not to butt in and say, “First off, LOOK at him. He could meet every VS model that has ever lived – including any that may have been maimed in some tragic accident, or lost their sight – and there is no way any of them would ever sleep with him. I don’t care how dazzling his personality. Secondly, the fact that your boyfriend wants to sleep with Victoria’s Secret models should not be a surprise to you. It should be common knowledge.”

Who’s on my List? I’m not telling. But one of them may or may not be pictured in this post. (School girl crushes die hard.)

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  1. Hi, I'm Natalie.

    Oh, gross! (Rob Lowe?? Really??) Now, Ashley Greene I can understand. (Despite my deep appreciation for men, I think I’d consider putting her on my list, too. =)


    Kristy Reply:

    GROSS?! Are we talking about the same Rob Lowe? He’s a sexy bitch!


  2. Hi, I'm Natalie.

    Um, no. He is icky. (Now, Hugh Laurie is my kind of stud-muffin. Or Harrison Ford. I have a thing for the older yummy guys. ;>)


    Kristy Reply:

    So we both like guys associated with Calista Flockhart.

    I actually met Harrison Ford once in Santa Monica at an indoor play place for kids. He and Calista were eating lunch while our kids (Her son, and the kids I nannied at the time) played on the equipment. He was very nice and articulate. They were lovely.

    While I never met Rob Lowe in person, I did listen to a conversation he was having on speaker phone with the nanny agent I was with. He cracked a joke involving his wife’s breasts, and the nanny agent acting as a human bra. Yes. Tres pervy. (I never said I wanted to have a meaningful conversation with the man. He is strictly eye candy.)

    So, even though Harrison Ford is quickly approaching “geriatric”, I guess he wins for all around awesomeness. But he’s still not on my list.


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