Fathers and sons

Yesterday was Father’s Day. It was also Brecken’s second birthday.

I have been getting really sentimental the past few days about Brecken’s birth. I don’t remember feeling this way around Karis’s second birthday, but that’s probably because I was bursting at the seams with an unborn Brecken.

A few days ago I stumbled upon footage from my Flip that was taken during Brecken’s labor and delivery. It’s really quite boring for anyone that wasn’t directly involved, but I may get motivated enough to make a little montage out of the clips. It’s bittersweet for me to watch it.

Little Karis is just 2 years old. Her voice is that of a cartoon chipmunk. I am swollen and lumbering. Little Brecken had difficulty breathing at first, so they took him away for a few hours. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my mom filmed them telling me they were taking him away. Both of my babies were born very fast, and both of them had their cords wrapped twice around their necks, and both of them had difficulty breathing at first. If I have a third baby, I wonder if their cord will be wrapped around their neck.

Watching that footage makes me realize how much Karis has grown. When she was 2 she still had those delicious toddler thighs, and ruby, chubby cheeks. I miss her toddler body. I have been soaking up the cherubic beauty of little Brecken’s toddler body – when he lets me. He still has that milky, silky skin. He is still rounded and soft everywhere. His hair is curly and sloppy, and falls just so over his furrowed brow.

Happy birthday to my sweet, gentle boy. Mama loves you so very much.

After re-watching Brecken’s birth footage, I’ve decided to keep it private. You know I love you, Internet, but a lady must maintain an air of mystery surrounding her lady parts. That was the first lesson I learned in finishing school! I will however, share with you Karis meeting Brecken. It’s quite adorable, and I dare you not to ovulate at the cuteness.

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  1. vanessa

    i need to see the rest of that footage this weekend! so cute.


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