Hand print picture ornament

This is a sweet little keepsake ornament that can be made with paper or dough. For a dough based ornament follow the recipe here. (Use a large circular cookie cutter big enough for a small child’s hand print.)

For a paper based ornament you can use decorative scrap booking paper or poster board. Cut out a shape of your choice. Make sure it’s large enough to fit a child’s hand print.

paper ornament 1

paper ornament 2

Decorate the base. (paint, paper, glitter – whatever)

Have a child – preferably one you LIKE – put a hand print on one side of the ornament. I like to use non-toxic paint for this, because I only like to poison my children while making Independence Day crafts.

paper ornament 3

Then glue a picture of that same kid to the other side of the ornament. (Actually, you can use a different kid’s picture – what do I care?)

paper ornament 4

To finish things off I like to Mod-Podge® the hell out of it to seal everything in. If you’re doing the paper based ornament you also have the option of laminating it for posterity.

paper ornament 5

Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top. String a ribbon through the hole. I like to throw a decorative bead on there, because I ordered a million of these damn dove beads from a catalog, and now have nothing better to do with them than string them on hand made ornaments. Hey, don’t judge. We all have our vices.

paper ornament 6

There you have it! An adorable little ornament for the grandparents to gush over, and sure to inspire post-menopausal crying jags years from now when little Junior is off to college and you’re an empty nester. You’re welcome.

paper ornament 7

paper ornament 8

Here is a salt-dough ornament example.

They tend to be a bit lumpy and difficult to seal.

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  1. Vanessa

    so cute! i love the wrapping paper you found.


  2. vanessa

    we got the ornament you made us in the mail! love it, thanks!


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