Happy birthday Miss Karis


May 27, 2007
Happy Birthday

Well, it’s official. At 1:17pm today my baby girl turned one year old. I can’t believe how fast this past year has gone. I’ve always heard parents say that time flies faster and faster as you get older, but no one ever specifies that adding babies into the mix speeds it up exponentially.
We had a little family party for her and did the whole lunch and cake thing. Karis was overly tired and grumped about for the majority of the festivities. I enjoyed having a house full of happy revelers. It’s funny, but as I videotaped a few moments throughout the day I kept trying to get shots of Laura and Jesse to document what they look like today. I keep thinking about Karis watching the footage years from now, marveling that her grandmother was once so spry and her father so youthful. When I was visiting my mom this past month I took pictures of her with Karis and wondered what Karis would think of them later. I still feel a hint of surprise every time I wander across a picture of Gloria holding me as an infant. She still had dark hair then.
Another quirk I’ve noticed about myself lately is that seeing babies makes me all mushy. It’s a different kind of mushy from a few months ago when I had a baby of my own. Back then I would see a baby and it would make me think of my baby and want to hold her and snuggle her. Now I see a baby and ask myself where my baby went.
I was watching a movie yesterday, Nanny McPhee, and there is a darling little baby in it about 9 months old. Every time she came on screen my heart would skip a beat and I would quickly glance over to Karis and admire her round rosy cheeks and the chubby curve of her delicious thigh.

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