Birthday boy

April 5, 2007
Birthday boy

Emily had a healthy baby boy yesterday.  It was my father’s 58th birthday, and new baby Kurt’s 1st. I was so disappointed to have missed the actual birth, but I’m excited to see him in just a few short days.
Yesterday also marked Karis’s first visit to her new pediatrician. Dr. Kadowitz is an upbeat young woman with a sparkle in her eye. We loved her. The office was clean, they saw us right away, and the nurse was sweet and no-nonsense at the same time. Karis let the nurse draw blood and didn’t even squirm.
The last 4 days have been uncomfortable for little Karis to say the least. She’s getting four upper teeth in at the same time and has been struggling with postnasal drip. Last night found her burning with fever and whimpering with diarrhea. I put her in bed with us, which usually results in her sleeping like the dead, but even that didn’t help. She still woke up every hour or so screaming in discomfort.
Today has been filled with nursing, snuggling, crying and napping. She seems most comfortable leaning against my chest as I sit in the glider. I’ll sing “Once upon a dream” to her softly as she drifts into a fitful slumber, smelling of cherry flavored Tylenol and despair.

*    *    *

I took Chi Chi to the grocery store this afternoon to pick up some more Tylenol. She’s taken to sticking her fingers in her mouth to press on her gums, and then ends up gagging herself. She has done this a few times in the past, but last night she really got into it and wouldn’t stop shoving her fingers down her throat and throwing up. Well, she started doing it again as we waited in line at the check out. A man walked up behind us just after she finished vomiting white foam all down the front of her. “Stop it.” I said calmly. She stared at me with a serious expression on her face… then promptly stuck her fingers in her mouth again. “STOP IT!” I said firmly as I wrestled her fingers from her mouth – too late. Another wave of foamy white vomit soaked down her chin. The man quietly backed up and went to another line. Karis puked two more times before I managed to pay for our groceries and head for the car.  The biting wind must have been very cold on her wet chest. A strong gust took her breath away and distracted her enough to forget about gagging herself during the short ride home. I hope this charming little habit loses it’s appeal sooner rather than later.

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