Happy Ocean Dollar store

April 3, 2007
Happy Ocean Dollar store

So I’m killing time today and wander in to the Happy Ocean Dollar Store at my local mall. This is one of those cheap bin crap stores that sell everything for a dollar or less…except this store doesn’t sell ANYTHING for a dollar or less. This store is run by a very industrious Chinese family. The father could be heard clear in the back of the store extolling the virtues of ceramic pig mugs to a customer at check out that was apparently on the fence about whether or not he REALLY needed a ceramic pig mug. The cheapest thing I could find in this treasure trove of polyester glittered flowers and plastic cutlery was a photo album. The front pictured two very much in love young people strolling along a beach at sunset. It read; “Wolds can not say how much…” and then at the bottom, “Happy Valentimes day!” Read carefully – I copied the spelling letter by letter. Oh, and the price for this gem? $1.49 …………..there are no wolds.

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