How sweet it is

March 13, 2007
How sweet it is

It has just come to my attention that Hershey’s has a new chocolate syrup bottle design. Gone is the pull up cap from yesterday, replaced by a sanitary, easily operated hinged flip top. Rejoice fellow germaphobes, rejoice! There is not a person reading this that can honestly claim to have never sucked the syrup off the old style push up Hershey’s cap – not a one! When you eat ice cream topped with syrup from a contaminated Hershey’s cap, you’re eating ice cream that has been contaminated by every cap that cap has been with and so forth and so on. So thank you Hershey’s for this long over due re-design! The only 100% effective way to avoid ice cream contamination is to abstain from eating it in the first place, but thanks to the new flip top cap enjoying cootie free chocolate syrup just got a little easier.

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