Buried treasure

March 5, 2007
Buried treasure

I was changing Karis’s poopy diaper last night before her bath when I noticed a little something extra. Buried in her recycled carrots and peas was a small round metal object. I fished it out of the diaper with a Q-tip and washed it off. It appeared to be a washer or grommet of some sort. I shook my head in exasperation.
How is this child still alive? More to the point, how is it that she can eat small bits of hardware from God-knows-where but she can’t handle eating tiny pieces of cooked carrots without triggering her gag reflex?
People tell me I’m over reacting when I get upset about finding little surprises that have literally traveled through my daughter’s digestive tract. I don’t scream or faint or anything, but I do give a sigh of gratitude that whatever it is has made it out the other end with no detectable problems. You hear all the time about little Junior swallowing a penny and how funny it is a few days later when it gets passed – but rarely do you hear the horror stories I’ve witnessed first hand. Well, I’ve witnessed them happen to beloved family pets, not babies, but their obsession with eating EVERYTHING they can get their paws on is the same.
What may seem like harmless dental floss or pretty Christmas tree tinsel to you, is actually a deadly obstructer when it is eaten and becomes tangled in one’s bowels.

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