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Wedded bliss

Never too old to play dress up!

ShareDanielle and Apple Josh are getting hitched next month, so I’ve been sampling wedding dress options. This most recent dress was very dramatic, and I loved it, but it was not baby-friendly, and I decided to go with a different dress. (This one was scratchy and very heavy. It was also lacking easy boob access … Continue reading »

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If you give a mom a cookie

ShareMe: “I could eat a whole bag of Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies right now, and wash it down with orange juice.” Jesse: “Eww. How can you even think that? Clearly milk is the only way to go in that situation.” Me: “Really? It’s the orange juice you object to?” Jesse: “Yeah. Orange juice and cookies … Continue reading »

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Little mama

Share   Me: “I think Seren was my mother in a past life.” Jesse: (Looking at me like I’m insane.) “What?” Me: “They say souls tend to find each other in multiple lives. I get a really maternal feeling from her. Do you feel that?” Jesse: “No. I get a newborn baby feeling from her.” … Continue reading »

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Twinkle twinkle little weapon of mass distruction

Share    I promised you all a post about why I chose the name Seren for my baby girl, so here it goes. As far as I know, unlike my other two kids, Seren is not named after any hula hoop enthusiasts. (But wouldn’t it be a cool coincidence if there was a well known … Continue reading »

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How I earned my Goddess Card (Part I)

Share Well, Internet, I’m not pregnant anymore! What was once on the inside, is now very much on the outside. Though I had many false starts, and a bout of pre-labor lasting thirty hours, which eventually petered out, the actual labor and birth took twelve hours. Thursday the 17th I started getting regular contractions, but … Continue reading »

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Happy birthday!

ShareYesterday was Jesse’s birthday. Sadly, it wasn’t also this baby’s birthday. I am so ready to deliver this little (hopefully!) bundle of joy. As a gift to him, (and let’s all remember that the only thing Jesse hates more than people acknowledging his birthday is me spending money on his birthday present) I scoured the … Continue reading »

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This will be on the test

ShareWe waited too long to sign up for a birthing class (clearly we are overachievers in the birth preparedness area) so we had to take a crash course last weekend at a place called Granola Babies. (Insert joke by my father about hippies here.) We learned different positions to help open the pelvis, breathing techniques, … Continue reading »

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I’ve never had a shower; that stinks.

ShareDisclaimer: This is a very long, maudlin, hormone induced blog post that was written more for me than anything else. It’s a private pity party, and just reading it makes me want to slap myself. Not an angry slap, but definitely a refined, dignified, British slap. It absolutely falls under the First-World Problems classification, and … Continue reading »

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What’s the deal with taxi cabs?

Share  I decided to try my hand at stand up comedy. I’ve been doing improv for years, and everybody that knows that about me, but doesn’t understand improv, assumes I do stand up comedy. Jesse’s favorite way to tease me whenever I’m off to do a sketch show or improv show is to say in … Continue reading »

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How to pass time nesting during a heatwave.

ShareOh, Internet, I have not forsaken thee. It has been a week of home improvement projects, doctors appointments and exterminators. We now have beautiful hardwood floors instead of nasty, stained carpet in the living room. We also have an ant free kitchen, freshly painted walls, and a suture free boy. All in all it’s been … Continue reading »

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