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Recipes to help you make dinner your bitch!

Tell me, tell me, passatelli!

ShareKaris has an ancestry report due for school. My children are very fortunate in that their grandmother, Mugga, has kept many family heirlooms, photographs, furniture, and even linens. Part of the report is making a traditional family recipe. She decided she wanted to make passatelli. One of her fondest memories is of making passatelli with … Continue reading »

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Who says Gingerbread cookies have to be MEN?

ShareI was wandering the internets last week when I stumbled upon a recipe contest at It was a win-win. If I won, I got books; if I lost, I still got cookies! There were a bunch of recipes to choose from, but I went with the Gingerbread recipe. I didn’t have any horse-shaped cookie … Continue reading »

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Bisquick to make assumptions

Share As the sun began its languid climb over the horizon this morning I was in the middle of an exciting, earth shattering dream. My subconscious mind had stumbled upon the origin of the name Bisquick! In my dream, a chef asked me and a group of other cheflings (I’ve just coined that term. It … Continue reading »

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Zombie cookies

ShareOk, it’s Halloween, and a Wednesday. Those two things mean I am legally obligated to post on my blog today. Here’s my dilemma: It’s Halloween MORNING, so I don’t have the fun and zany pics of our costumed adventures yet. That’s disappointing at best, devastating at worst. Don’t worry, Internet – I promise to post … Continue reading »

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Lord of the Flies

ShareWe have so many fruit flies right now that walking into my kitchen is like walking into a third world country. We’ve been on a major juicing kick lately, which means we have an abundance of fruit on hand. With the fruit come the flies. I like to develop personal relationships with the vermin in … Continue reading »

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Some kind of wonderful

Share   I’m listening to oldies on Pandora and Some Kind Of Wonderful is playing. It’s like a soundtrack for the moment because I just made brownies! They are wheat grass, spinach brownies. Don’t look at me like that. You’d never know they weren’t regular brownies if I didn’t tell you.   Ha. Can’t Take … Continue reading »

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Let them eat cake?

ShareAs I type this I am surrounded by blood curdling screams assaulting my ear drums. Shrieks of terror are reverberating off the walls. Is it a scary movie? No. Corporal punishment being dealt? No. It’s my kids. They are screaming and threatening seppuku because I informed them that they would not be allowed to so … Continue reading »

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Make dinner your bitch! (rainbow chard pasta)

ShareAw yeah, where my chefs at? It’s time for another rousing game of Make Dinner Your Bitch! See this? This is rainbow chard. It’s so freaking beautiful I just want to rip it up and eat it! Oh wait, I DID. Let’s not get too far ahead of our damn selves. First put a big … Continue reading »

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Pepperidge Farm better watch its back!

ShareHot damn, but I make a delicious cookie. I made these little suckers out of left over dough from the guitar monstrosity. They remind me of Chessmen® cookies – ONLY BETTER. eat me. For those of you wondering what the hell I’m talking about  when I say “guitar monstrosity”, have a go at this: My … Continue reading »

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Make dinner your bitch! (rainbow rice rolls)

ShareThis recipe goes out to all you vegan bastards out there. For those of you meat lovin’ non-vegans, shut the hell up and try something new for a change. What you’ll need: 1/2 a red bell pepper 1/2 a yellow bell pepper 1/2 a green bell pepper (Optional. Some people think green bell peppers suck. … Continue reading »

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