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Kid Crafts

Art projects to do with young children.

Carpool Queen

ShareKaris goes to gymnastics every Friday with three of her school friends. We mothers take turns carpooling, so I only have to take them once a month. Well, each of the other moms usually do something fun with the girls after class, and I have been slowly cultivating the reputation of being the “boring mom”. … Continue reading »

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Adorable creativity

Share   Karis is very much a girly-girl fashionista. She has a jewelry box overflowing with bobbles and sparkly things. The one thing it doesn’t have? Earrings. I wont let Karis get her ears pierced until she’s old enough to take care of her ear holes and earrings. The fact that her ears aren’t pierced … Continue reading »

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So much to be thankful for…

ShareI learned something new about myself this past week; I am a woman that cries shamelessly at kindergarten Thanksgiving pageants, and I am ok with that. Nothing turns on the water works like little kids dressed in re-purposed grocery bags, singing songs about turkeys.   I also love children’s art –¬† which is good, because … Continue reading »

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Artsy fartsy

ShareThis past week I have been channeling my inner Crafter. That’s right, I said Crafter. We all know of at least one Crafter. A Crafter is usually peri or post menopausal, and has an affinity for wearing sweaters that have been liberally festooned with puff paint and large plastic jewels. True Crafters manage to incorporate … Continue reading »

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Hand print picture ornament

ShareThis is a sweet little keepsake ornament that can be made with paper or dough. For a dough based ornament follow the recipe here. (Use a large circular cookie cutter big enough for a small child’s hand print.) For a paper based ornament you can use decorative scrap booking paper or poster board. Cut out … Continue reading »

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Salt-dough ornaments

ShareOne of my favorite Christmas season memories from my early childhood is making salt-dough ornaments with my sisters and cousins. This can be a two part project. Part one is making the ornaments. Part two is painting them. PART ONE: The recipe is very simple: 4 cups flour 1 cup salt 1.5 cups hot water … Continue reading »

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Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

ShareWho doesn’t like toilet paper roll art? No one, THAT’S who. Here’s what you’ll need: Toilet paper rolls Feathers Glue Googlie eyes Pen Scissors A small bit of construction paper Draw this shape on your toilet paper roll. Be sure to draw up to the edge of the roll. Cut around the shape, half way … Continue reading »

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Hand print turkey

ShareWe made¬† hand print turkeys today. You too can make adorable hand print turkeys to clutter the refrigerator with! Here’s what you’ll need: *Construction paper. *Scissors. *A pen or marker. *Glue. *Googlie eyes. * A child’s hand – preferably attached to a child you happen to be fond of. Trace the child’s hand on the … Continue reading »

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Body art, toddler style

Share A very good likeness Today’s art project was a smashing success. We did the ol’ trace-your-body-on-paper-and-color-it-in. Karis was first, showing Brecken just how it’s done. When it was time to trace Brecks, he lay very still on the paper with a solemn expression on his face.   When they were finished coloring their masterpieces, … Continue reading »

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