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Seren is officially one

Share My baby girl has been all the way around the sun. Yesterday was her first birthday, and we celebrated with Aunt Dani and Apple Josh coming over for cake and her favorite dinner – pasta and broccoli. We had a star theme for her party. The kids watched me make the cake, then played … Continue reading »

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Comic relief

ShareFor some reason my Comic Life program wont let me save or export anything, so please enjoy this blurry screen cap I managed to take of a little comic I made up of Seren in her explorations.     Tweet This Post

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Sweet Pickle

Share I’m not a fan of pickles. Some people are, but not me. Pickles seem to be very provocative fruits. Or are they vegetables? What the hell is a pickle, anyway? Whatever classification it falls under, the pickle is not something one can be apathetic about. You either love it or hate it. There is … Continue reading »

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There’s no I in self-publish. Oh, wait…

ShareI’m about to publish a new novel, Internet! Well, maybe “new” isn’t the best descriptive word. Let’s try new-to-you. It’s actually the first full length novel I ever wrote. I wrote it back in 2009, but never really found the right fit for it with a publishing house, so I’ve decided to publish it myself. … Continue reading »

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Daddy’s little girl

Share  Both Karis and Seren idolize their father in a way that is decidedly different than Brecken. While Brecken thinks his daddy is the strongest, most amazing ninja warrior on the planet (as well he should) the girls look at him in a different light. He is their Prince Charming. I remember fondly the elaborate … Continue reading »

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Another year, another carrot cake

ShareJesse celebrated turning 38 and still being smokin’ hawt yesterday. In honor of the event I made him carrot cupcakes. There are only so many ways one can dress up a carrot cupcake to apologize for it being a carrot cupcake and not a real cupcake. This year I cut heart shapes out of raw … Continue reading »

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Random midnight update

ShareToday was Jesse’s birthday, so I forced surprised him into going for a float. Guess what? I didn’t pee in the tank this time! Yay me. (The trick is to ignore everyone’s advice and *not* drink a gallon of water before going.) Also of note today, the exterminator came in response to the dead little … Continue reading »

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Insults and injuries. (Not in that order.)

ShareYesterday Jesse took out a small loan to pay for the kids to play on giant inflatables at a local “pumpkin patch”. Note the quotation marks. It was really a parking lot with blowup obstacles and a palate of pumpkins, all for the bargain price of TWENTY BUCKS, PER HOUR, PER KID. Highway robbery.   … Continue reading »

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A pee in the pod

ShareI went for a float today, Internet. For those of you unfamiliar with floating it’s where you enclose yourself in a sensory deprivation chamber and float suspended in saltwater in the pitch black darkness of a steel womb. Or something like that. I know what you’re thinking – how clean is the water? Well, before … Continue reading »

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ShareI am busy polishing up another manuscript, Internet. I hope that explains my absence to your liking. Don’t be upset – if I didn’t write these novels the world would be lacking in amazing literature featuring stuffed weasels, ghost sex, missing royalty, surprise babies, horses named Chester, and drag queens with a penchant for dressing … Continue reading »

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