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If only insurance jingles really were on your side…

ShareSo. My son. Brecken loves to get a laugh out of a crowd. He also apparently loves insurance jingles, though I have no idea where he even hears them considering how little live t.v. he watches. Today when I picked him up from school his teacher informed me he had had a tough time staying … Continue reading »

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ShareI had my umbilical hernia sewn up on Tuesday. Notice I didn’t say “fixed”. That remains to be seen. As of right now my abdomen is a disgusting, swollen, bruised, miasma of pain. Yes, I’m being dramatic, but dammit, it hurts. You use your abs for freakin’ everything. EVERYTHING. Even blinking. (Just trust me on … Continue reading »

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Like a Catholic baby boy

ShareI am still uncut. We made it all the way to the hospital registration room before we caught our latest insurance trick. The staff were shocked as we checked ourselves out. They had never seen anyone leave that close to surgery time before. I imagined the evil head of the insurance company stroking his hairless … Continue reading »

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Under the knife

ShareIf you’re reading this right when it posts I am unconscious on an operating table right now. Sounds dramatic, right? It’s not. Not really. I have a teeny, tiny umbilical hernia compliments of my third pregnancy that needs to be repaired. I should be home in a few hours. In my youth I was invincible. … Continue reading »

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Throw (my hands) up

ShareI will begin this post on a sweet note by showcasing the raspberry cake I made Jesse that turned out worthy of some hoity toity food blog:     Isn’t she a beaut? Don’t get too excited though, Internet; the crust is made of dates, so the closest this thing can come to being considered … Continue reading »

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All I want for Christmas

ShareAll I want for Christmas is her two front teeth, so I can have a silent night.     We have family here from out of town and this egg-faced little monkey loves their baby. She says “Bah-bah!” and hugs and kisses the baby. Seren is a wonderful pint-sized diplomat. She shares her toys and … Continue reading »

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I’ll be gnome for Christmas (Women’s Halloween costume review)

Share    Much like Jack Skellington, I am a firm believer that there is plenty of room for Halloween at Christmas. Specifically, Halloween costumes! I fell in love with this little gnome costume so I decided to review it. That meant Jesse had to take pictures of me dressed like a gnome┬áin the middle of … Continue reading »

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The nuts and bolts of The Nutcracker

Share Karis was a little mouse in The Nutcracker this weekend. She had her first performance on Saturday. As I signed her in backstage she was nervous and excited. When I picked her up after the show she was still riding the high. On Sunday, Jesse dropped her off and walked her back to the … Continue reading »

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Killing the moment

ShareI volunteer in Brecken’s first grade class every Tuesday. One of the activities I do with the kids is write a word or sentence on the board and they use the letters available and make new words. This happened today:   Creepy kid with a speech impediment: “Modor” Me: “Motor? No, we would need another … Continue reading »

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Does this stump make me look fat?

ShareWe got our Christmas tree last weekend and true to form, it proved to be a nightmare experience. The first part was okay. The kids ran around in between the trees, we picked out a good looking Noble Fir. All was going smoothly. Then, as we loaded it atop the space shuttle it began to … Continue reading »

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