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Author Archives: Kristy

The Year of Pain

Share    Today Seren turned 11 months old. On Tuesday I heard a noise that was not quite what I expected to be hearing and ran around the corner to find Seren halfway up the staircase. I was careful not to startle her, and just watched her go the rest of the way up. So, … Continue reading »

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Aglamping we did go

ShareLast weekend was the annual glampout at the golf course. True to form, we went, but only Jesse and the older kids slept over, myself having the sense to leave with the baby to sleep in our own beds. Jesse was giving me a hard time about it until I pointed out that the golf … Continue reading »

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Vintage awesomeness, now in travel size

Share My house is where old things go to not die. It’s like the opposite of retirement. I love things with history to them; furniture, linens, utensils… they are all welcome here. Luckily I married a man whose mother also loves old things, but loves even more to give old things away to family members. … Continue reading »

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Loads of weekend fun for zero dollars

ShareWe had a very busy four day weekend Internet, and it didn’t cost us a dime. On Friday I took the kids bowling. But wait – how did I do that for free? Do I know a guy that works at the bowling alley? Nope. We’ve been bowling free all summer. We signed up for … Continue reading »

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Crib notes

ShareSeren has spent this first year of her life sleeping in a travel crib. We got it when we lived in a teeny tiny NYC apartment. It served well for Karis until we moved into an actual house and inherited a cute Jenny Lind crib from a family friend. Brecken also spent the first year … Continue reading »

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Here there be dragons! (infant/toddler costume dragons, that is!)

Share    Last year was a totally lame year for us in the Halloween costume department. I played the I-just-gave-birth card and didn’t dress up. We let the kids pick out cheap costumes at Target – they were THRILLED. Ingrates! (One day they will appreciate my hours of labor at the sewing machine to make … Continue reading »

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You’ve got mail

Share   Brecken loves to draw, but he really has no interest in printing. He regularly takes twice as long to finish work than his fellow classmates. When homework calls for printing practice it’s like pulling teeth to get him to focus. So I stopped fighting him on it. Instead I went to the craft … Continue reading »

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MTV Cribs, baby style

ShareJesse: “What is this charge for three hundred and ninety-eight dollars?!” Me: “That’s for the new crib.” Jesse: “We never agreed to buy that crib!” Me: “Yes we did, remember? You said to get the ugly one, I said ‘gross’, and then your mom said to just get it because we can use it for … Continue reading »

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Officially aged out of prime marketing demographics

ShareI come to you today older and wiser, Internet. My 36th birthday was on Wednesday! It was a wonderful day full of doing whatever the hell I wanted. (Consequently, the house was a disaster and homework folders almost didn’t get filled out.) My birthday present to myself was feeling good in my own skin. I … Continue reading »

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Good riddance.

ShareWe recently had our streets slurried. That’s where a bunch of miserable men come around and put fresh black gunk on the road in the hot, hot sun. (Seriously, I hope these guys make a LOT of money.) The end result is a very pretty, smooth new road. Ta-da!   I have some very exciting … Continue reading »

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