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Author Archives: Kristy


ShareOverheard on the drive to school this morning: Brecken: “Josh has a crush on Danielle, and Mom has a crush on Jesse.” Karis: “They don’t have a crush anymore. Now they’re married.” Tweet This Post

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Ruh roh, it’s Norovirus!

ShareI can’t remember the last time I threw up. I know I have done in my adult life, because I know exactly how it feels – the uncontrollable squeezing of the guts, the violent heave you are helpless to stop – but I truly can’t remember the incident. My inability to vomit means whenever I … Continue reading »

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Happy Easter!

ShareA few weekends ago I attempted to do a creative and edgy Easter themed photo shoot. I failed. I ended up creating a perfect replica of a 1980′s department store photo studio advertisement. It was pretty weak.   No matter how hard I search, I can never find a sophisticated Easter themed pic. I know … Continue reading »

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The Chalk Walk

ShareI planned a fun little adventure for the kids last week. I thought it would be amusing to lead them to a treat with sidewalk chalk directions. (I failed to take into account the fact that it would require me to walk 8 effing miles) I hadn’t planned on hiding my involvement in the chalk … Continue reading »

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I’d take a self-cleaning toilet over a self-cleaning oven any day

ShareThe person that designed my toilets must have been a very privileged individual, and therefore never had to personally clean a toilet. There are way too many unnecessary nooks and crevices in these stupid toilets! It’s bad enough dealing with these fancy schmancy curvy toilets on a daily cleaning basis, but when your seven year … Continue reading »

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Tesla the Opportunist

ShareTesla is usually very nervous around the baby when I’m holding her, but when I put the baby on the ground she’ll take full advantage of the situation. Tesla has figured out that if she lay close enough to the baby’s feet, every time the baby kicks or dances, Tesla gets a massage. WARNING: The … Continue reading »

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What the butt?

Share I found this crumpled up on the ground beside my car minivan. It was penned by Brecken. His penmanship has improved a great deal this past year. He still throws the odd capital letter in the middle of a word here and there, but he did use the correct spelling of  the “butts” he … Continue reading »

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stomach Bug

ShareBrecken has a super power. It is the power to vomit on the most difficult to clean surfaces. This morning, as we were shuffling him into the car for camp (very much against his will) he puked all over his car seat and my upholstery. So much for that new car smell. Had he vomited … Continue reading »

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Before and After – Dining room and living room

ShareToday’s before and after is the most dramatic change I’ve made in this particular house. It should be noted that we are renting, and therefore I cannot choose paint colors for my walls or do other structural home improvements. I make do with rearranging furniture and harassing my landlord for upgrades. When we moved into … Continue reading »

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Before and After – coffee table and desk chair

ShareAlrighty then! Let’s start enjoying some before and after shots, shall we? This first one is a twofer. Our current coffee table started life as a tall dining table that lived in our NY apartment:       If you ever find yourself thinking a tall dining table is a good idea, you know, to … Continue reading »

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