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Author Archives: Kristy

Weekend Warriors

ShareLast weekend was action packed, and I write this in a desperate attempt to catch up on this blog before going out and doing it all over again. Saturday is soccer game day for us. Jesse volunteered (at gunpoint) to coach Brecken’s soccer team, despite the fact that he will be traveling for work during … Continue reading »

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Spring; love is a monster, & so is the Chevy Volt

Share Friday night I put on a big girl dress and went to a movie premiere for Spring to see Vanessa play a drug addict or something. That’s the short version of this story. The long version involves Jesse’s stupid, awful, evil Chevy Volt. That car has it in for me. Electric things tend to … Continue reading »

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I’m in – urine – we’re all in for laundry. (I know that doesn’t rhyme.)

ShareEvery mother has experienced the inexplicable joy of waking up in a warm puddle of pee, be it from a leaky diaper, a newly potty trained toddler, or even an embarrassed older child. This morning around 5AM I found myself in just such a puddle. There were no kids in the bed. Yes, Internet, I … Continue reading »

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Playdough business

ShareKaris has a school project that requires her to produce a product for sale in a third-grade business. (That means that *I* am required to produce a product for sale in a third-grade business.) We decided on viking magnets. They require us to make little round discs out of Sculpty, bake them, decorate them with … Continue reading »

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Earning her keep

Share Toddler with yam This child. Seren makes every day a little bit magical. She is so fun and social. She loves to count things and put like things with like things. Every morning she excitedly runs to my closet and gets my shoes like a loyal retriever. The older kids and I watch her … Continue reading »

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Thug life

ShareThe space shuttle got scratched up in a parking lot a few weeks ago and had to get repainted, so Geico was setting me up with a rental car.   Geico: “So, we’ll put you in a sedan comparable to a Toyota Corolla.” Me: “Um, I love Corollas. Had one in college even, but that’s … Continue reading »

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Geocache dash

ShareOkay, I promised a quick post about my Dad and Gloria’s visit. As you know, Thursday was spent at the happiest place on earth, and we came home late and fell into our beds. The next morning, my dad burned his hand while making us a delicious breakfast. I then proceeded to drag him on … Continue reading »

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Throwin’ it back to 2010

ShareToday I am doing a throw back Thursday inspired by a picture a friend of mine sent me of her son (2 yrs) dressed in his sister’s dress and hair bow. I am posting this video with Brecken’s permission. (He was so grown-up and sweet about my posting it. He thinks it’s adorable – AND … Continue reading »

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Disneyland really *is* the happiest place on earth. Sometimes.

ShareI have been overwhelmingly busy lately, but I absolutely wanted to document Seren’s first trip to Disneyland. Dad took my niece/sister on a road trip – which is awesome – and they ended up in our neighborhood. We decided to play hooky from school on Thursday and use the last day of our Disney passes. … Continue reading »

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Little hooded capelette

ShareWhen I was pregnant with Seren I crocheted a little hooded cape. It was a quick project, and I enjoyed working with the fine yarn. I enjoy the feel of it and how it drapes. The other day I was clearing out her closet and found it. It was sized for 18 to 24 months, … Continue reading »

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