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Author Archives: Kristy

Thug life

ShareThe space shuttle got scratched up in a parking lot a few weeks ago and had to get repainted, so Geico was setting me up with a rental car.   Geico: “So, we’ll put you in a sedan comparable to a Toyota Corolla.” Me: “Um, I love Corollas. Had one in college even, but that’s … Continue reading »

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Geocache dash

ShareOkay, I promised a quick post about my Dad and Gloria’s visit. As you know, Thursday was spent at the happiest place on earth, and we came home late and fell into our beds. The next morning, my dad burned his hand while making us a delicious breakfast. I then proceeded to drag him on … Continue reading »

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Throwin’ it back to 2010

ShareToday I am doing a throw back Thursday inspired by a picture a friend of mine sent me of her son (2 yrs) dressed in his sister’s dress and hair bow. I am posting this video with Brecken’s permission. (He was so grown-up and sweet about my posting it. He thinks it’s adorable – AND … Continue reading »

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Disneyland really *is* the happiest place on earth. Sometimes.

ShareI have been overwhelmingly busy lately, but I absolutely wanted to document Seren’s first trip to Disneyland. Dad took my niece/sister on a road trip – which is awesome – and they ended up in our neighborhood. We decided to play hooky from school on Thursday and use the last day of our Disney passes. … Continue reading »

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Little hooded capelette

ShareWhen I was pregnant with Seren I crocheted a little hooded cape. It was a quick project, and I enjoyed working with the fine yarn. I enjoy the feel of it and how it drapes. The other day I was clearing out her closet and found it. It was sized for 18 to 24 months, … Continue reading »

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Little Miss Sunshine

ShareSeren has reached that magical age where it is damn near impossible to get a decent photograph of her. Ninety percent of her pictures are of the back of her as she runs away. A few days ago I took her to an open space near our daily walking trail and snapped off a few … Continue reading »

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Outlander and Queen = perfection!

ShareHerself posted about this video this morning. A fan made an Outlander video set to Bohemian Rhapsody and damn if it isn’t perfect! Enjoy! Tweet This Post

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If only insurance jingles really were on your side…

ShareSo. My son. Brecken loves to get a laugh out of a crowd. He also apparently loves insurance jingles, though I have no idea where he even hears them considering how little live t.v. he watches. Today when I picked him up from school his teacher informed me he had had a tough time staying … Continue reading »

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Good cop/bad cop

ShareI haven’t died or run off to join the circus. As you wait with baited breath for my next post please enjoy this short. This whole series is actually quite fun.   Tweet This Post

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ShareI had my umbilical hernia sewn up on Tuesday. Notice I didn’t say “fixed”. That remains to be seen. As of right now my abdomen is a disgusting, swollen, bruised, miasma of pain. Yes, I’m being dramatic, but dammit, it hurts. You use your abs for freakin’ everything. EVERYTHING. Even blinking. (Just trust me on … Continue reading »

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